Writing a Dissertation Guidelines

Here you will find a collection of articles that will guide you through the writing process of your dissertation.

At the beginning point, you will become acquainted with all the little details you should pay attention to before starting to write. This might be deadlines, university regulations, how to organise yourself, and so on.

The research part is all about the process of looking for the data that will help you structure your findings and withdraw the conclusion of your dissertation. Getting the correct resources and paying great attention to this part will ease your life considerably further in the process.

The next step is to choose the main chapters of your thesis. You are encouraged to start writing down any thought for a chapter because it might improve the structure. Each chapter can have two or three phrases or ideas written down, as a guide for building up the content. When writing the chapters, it is best to limit yourself to a number of words, so that the dissertation will have a balanced structure.

The results and conclusion are the ideas extracted from the research. Many tutors expect to receive a draft of these chapters, in order to approve and improve the content.

Close to the deadline, the content has to be developed and improved. It is advised to read it a few times, check for errors or ambiguous phrases. The final touch refers to the diacritics usage, the reference list, appendices, and the content page.

The last chapter will give a few tips and tricks on how to prepare for the big presentation day in front of a big audience or how to face the questions of the examiners.