The Start Point

the-start-pointWriting a dissertation can be a fun and enjoyable project, as long as you keep on a subject you are enthusiastic about and interested in. The personal interest in the subject is the most important part, as the other skills will build upon the inner creative layer. Of course, there are a few guidelines you should follow and respect when writing a dissertation, but the reward will be even more enjoyable at the end of the project when the dissertation will be appreciated.

Before even starting up, make sure you know all the university regulations and the course material assigned for the particular project, or the tutors in charge of your thesis. An important part of writing a thesis is to run through all the mandatory material assigned for the thesis writing.

Another important part of the writing process is to check the copyright of the material for plagiarism and use the correct quotes for the borrowed information.

Other important details when writing a dissertation is to have the contact details of the people involved in the dissertation. They might be the tutor, the administrative office people, the university library, other academic or course support staff, any fellow students or graduated friends, which can help with tips and tricks at any time or any good friend that would provide support and comfort during the stress periods.

The writing study area or silence space is as important as the other details. It is a good idea to find a quiet place, in the library, at the university, or in your room that will allow you to concentrate and hear your own inner thoughts. Set up a time plan and try to respect it, while getting enough sleep, exercise, and relaxation breaks.

Lastly, remember to eat well, keep the nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine levels under control.