The Research Part

the-research-partIf you have already settled down on the subject of your dissertation, you need to turn on your detective side and start searching for the information that covers the topic you have chosen. The purpose of the research is to gather information in order to support and prove the theories you will state in your dissertation. It is advised to start collecting the literature from the specialty field of the study first and then extrapolate the sources that are only related to your subject matter.

Getting the correct resources is not always as easy as you might think it is. It is best to start at the university library, ask for advice there, or directly at the tutors. A second and reliable source is the World Wide Web, which might just provide you with the information you need. The tutors and the examiners want to read a dissertation that is interesting and written from your point of view. It has to contain all the information from the research but structured in a clear and recognizable format.

A non-empirical or theoretical dissertation is mainly based on research data, with logical conclusions, stated in a coherent and clear manner. This is the reason the readers of your dissertation want to have a clear reference from the bibliography and the data used to built up the paper.

Simply by creating a good bibliographical reference adds many good points from the evaluator. This is why it is of high importance to create a well-crafted list of the sources. Even if this step does not look to be important, reconsider it and start working on that bibliographical reference, because you are expected to have a good one in order to get a decent grade. All the new theories are based on the prior knowledge of the previous minds.