The Presentation Day

In order to succeed with your presentation, you will need to defend your thesis. This experience can be a bit stressful, but here are a few pieces of advice that might help you.

In order to have a successful presentation, take the time to train for it. Your university might have a small interview, only with an internal and external examiner. Some others might have small public presentations, in front of colleagues, friends, and family, while others might have it open to the public. It is good to know a few weeks before about the format of your presentation, as it will help you train in the correct direction.

dissertationIf you will have to sustain your dissertation with a slideshow presentation, make sure you know the time restrictions and plan accordingly. You do not want to have 100 slides for a presentation that will last 10 minutes or 10 slides for a 50 minutes presentation. Usually, the best rhythm is one slide per minute. The next best thing you can do is know your material inside out. With various practices, you will see which parts can be refined. If possible, practice with a small public too; this helps you overcome the emotions and the voice stamps. At the beginning, you will have small discomfort, but it will help you be more relaxed with the real audience.

Train your practice audience to ask questions. This might be the scariest part of the defense. Even if you will be faced with a question that you cannot answer, be aware of the fact that there might be gaps in your knowledge and try to respond in a way that will please the examiners. Instead of answering that you don`t know, you can make suppositions or reveal the processes that you have to cross in order to find out.