Build up the Content

build-up-the-contentIn order to build up the content, you will need to have an accurate list of the chapter titles. As you go along, you will start building on this structure. At the beginning, you will have two or three ideas to develop in each chapter, and as you move along, you can place the ideas, quotes, references, clarifications, and conclusions where they fit best.

To make sure you don’t forget any idea, keep a small journal or a piece of paper where you note each idea that you will want to develop. When you reach the quiet place where you can focus and write on your paper, you will find the time to develop or find the chapter that will contain that particular idea.

Sometimes, it is a good idea to put a limit of words per chapter and for the overall document. This will let you know your current progress, as well as, give you an idea of the parts that need more writing. The idea is to have a balanced paper at the end, with chapters that do not have big dimension differences.

Even if you feel that there are ideas that do not fit anywhere, it is advisable to write as you go along and not wait until the deadline to start writing. Writing a dissertation is a lot of work that needs constant revision and feedback from the tutors and external advisers, in order to get a good shape at the end.

Also, even during research you might find ideas that you like and can further develop, or just be inspired to write your own thoughts as you read the bibliography. The process, which applies to the whole paper, can be applied in small scale for each individual chapter. Be prepared to take in feedback, and know that each criticism is a chance for improvement. It is not a sign of failure, it is a positive thing that builds up experience and skills.