3 Creative Writing Courses everyone Should Study at Uni.

Do you wish to study creative writing at uni? Congratulations, you have made a very wise choice. Creative writing courses are always a good idea. You don’t have to become a professional author to study creative writing, the skills you learn at these courses can help you no matter what future career will you choose. Even if you end up working in the government sector, you will realize that the creative writing skills you have learned can be very helpful in your everyday work in ways you never would have dreamed of. But of course, these courses are also fun ways to learn more about the craft of creativity.

shutterstock_291663701What should you study?

If you wish to study creative writing at ucdavisuniversity.com or elsewhere, you might wonder what you are exactly supposed to study. First of all, it might be wise to study philosophy, this will open up your mind creatively and inspire you in your own reading. Then you should also follow a class on traditional English literature to really understand what it is all about. With these two in place, your third course should be the creative writing course. You shouldn’t be scared to share your work with teachers and other students along the way, it is only through constructive feedback that one can learn to be a great writer.

What can you expect after your study?

The things you can expect after you studies depend on your ambitions and your talent. But if you want to be a professional writer, remember that talent isn’t everything. Writing is also about hard work. Be patient and try to write at least a few paragraphs every day, even when the inevitable writing block hits you. It might be a good idea to keep in touch with other students for advice until your new career really takes off. Also, try to enter into writing competitions and submit your writing whenever you can. And finally, don’t be afraid of failure.